I didn’t ask for this, did you?


I swear if it weren’t for who Jake Paul is, I’d have to give him some credit. He’s managed to capitalize on one of the more lucrative trends in media: hate-watching.

Paul is one of (if not the most) controversial subjects on the internet. This controversy seems to run in the family, as his brother has faced his own share of controversy. However, I will give Logan some credit, he seems to have largely reformed his image and has been putting out some really great content with his podcast.

Jake, conversely, has gone the slightly more volatile route and engaged…

Meet Bitcoin’s biggest bull

The crypto space, as I’ve mentioned frequently on this blog, is exploding. Every single day there is some new NFT piece ready to be minted or a new blockchain-based technology that’s ready to 1000x in price. This growth, particularly with Bitcoin and Ethereum, has turned the heads of many “traditional” investors. Michael Saylor is leading the charge.

Michael J. Saylor is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MicroStrategy. He founded the company in 1989 with his former MIT fraternity brother, Sanju Bansal. The company was founded as a data mining company and grew into business intelligence…

How many bitcoins for a Crunchwrap?


The subject of NFTs is something that I have already discussed at length on my blog, so if you are uneducated on the subject I would highly recommend that you check out my article on it.

I wanted to briefly touch on a really fun and fantastic example of corporate adoption in this space that I’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Taco Bell, that glorious late-night establishment that we all know and love, has jumped on the NFT band-wagon.

The internet is an incredible place. It has provided a medium in which all people, from all walks of life, can communicate and learn together. It has created an environment and opportunities for millions of people all over the world.

The internet is also volatile. Every single day there is a new technology or some new source of content that can totally change the way we think or how we go about our lives. In this wild and crazy environment, people are bound to make mistakes. Human beings are not infallible and will make mistakes.

Now, as many have seen…

My experience and what I recommend

Freelancing is a fantastic way to earn a living. It can be a great side-hustle or even provide a full-time level of income, all by doing work that you might already enjoy doing. There are many freelance platforms out there, but today I’d like to focus on Fiverr.

Fiverr provides a platform for almost any kind of freelance work you can imagine. From graphic design to music production, you can likely find a service matching your needs on Fiverr. I’ve personally experienced the service both as a buyer and as a seller, and I’ve had a largely positive experience both…

BlockFi and other similar projects are letting you put your cryptocurrency holdings to work

Image by https://masterthecrypto.com/blockfi/

I’ve talked a lot about crypto on this blog with NFTs and my guide on how to buy Bitcoin. If you’ve been following along, you might find yourself with a few Bitcoins or Ethereum tokens lying around. You might be wondering to yourself, “what now?” Well, this blog will answer one possibility.

Most people are familiar with the concept of earning interest on money sitting in a bank account. The highest yield savings accounts will sport rates around 0.40–0.50% APY.

I promise it’s really easy

Photo by Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash

Well hello! I thought that today I would try something a little different. Over the last few posts I’ve written about a few topics, including NFTs and Dogecoin. Many of these topics are fun, but they’re useless if you can’t manage to get involved. That’s what I want to do with this post today, a quick and dirty guide on getting your first Bitcoin, and then what to do with it. I promise, it will be really easy.

Step 1: Coinbase

This guide is mainly for my friends in the United States, although there are options for basically any country out there to…

A tale as old as time

Halo 3 cover via https://www.greenmangaming.com/

Truth be told, I’ve been going through it this past week. Life has really taken a crazy turn for me in a lot of ways I was unprepared for. It’s not easy, but I’ll get through it and it will be alright in the end.

So, that being said, I figured I’d write something a bit different this week. For me, video games have always been a fantastic means of escapism and an opportunity to put yourself into another world for whatever time you see fit. What’s more, many of these experiences carry with them a massive feeling of nostalgia.

An excellent example of how a university should be using social media — from a student’s perspective

Many universities around the world have social media accounts, but none of those schools are Texas A&M. A&M, who has social media for their school in its own right, also has an account for its mascot Reveille. During Decemeber of 2019, this account and the main posted an amazing, 1 hour long special, of Ms. Rev sitting in front of a fireplace.

Now, this was talked about within the A&M community. As a student there myself, I remember seeing this post and throwing it on the family TV during a session of decorating the tree. …

The new kid on the block

I can already hear what you’re thinking: “Oh great, another streaming service.” Ordinarily, I’d agree with you. But, after using Paramount+ for the last couple of days, I’m reminded why I’m a fan of streaming services in the first place. I’ve got a few complaints, and I’ll make sure to mention them. However, regardless of those complaints, this could be a contender to some of the bigger hitters out there.


We all know the feeling we got when we downloaded Disney+ for the first time in the Fall of 2019. The lineup was incredible; it had vaulted shows from even…

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